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Bahama Mamas Company LLC was founded in 2016 following the purchase of the Bahama Mamas cigar brand. LaMirada was introduced in 2019 to expand our premium portfolio. The company is based in Charlotte NC with sales and distribution in major U.S. markets. As of January 2020, the company has 2 distinctive brands of premium imported cigars for licensed distributors and retail tobacco shops. LaMirada cigars were introduced in January 2020 to be an upscale companion brand to Bahama Mamas, offering an exquisitely rich and complex cigar experience using 13-year aged Connecticut Shade Wrapper and 3 different filler tobaccos. 


Bahama Mamas Cigars are the branded successor to Havana Honeys’ larger sizes, flavors, and blends. The cigars were introduced in 1997 and rebranded in 2009 in a range of natural leaf imported sizes. The company has maintained its premium portfolio, and has upgraded the Dominican handmade quality. The company has also updated the marketing and product strategy to reduce flavor levels below the characterizing premium tobacco tastes and aromas in anticipation of future FDA rules. The company’s ongoing mission is to bring cigar smokers affordable handmade cigars with premium tobacco in sizes that fit any occasion. Information on both brands is available by calling 1-866-316-1991 or visiting www.BahamaMamasCigar.com


LaMIRADA Habano Viejo - Coming Soon

Coming to retailers in spring of 2022. We chose a 2017 vintage Habano wrapper for a spicy, full taste that lives up to the promise of its dark color. Espresso, walnut, and woody notes come together to compliment its medium-bold strength. Ecuadorian Habano wrapper combined with our own Dominican filler delivers warmth and richness that values your time. Bold enough to be interesting. Balanced enough for the flavors to emerge. Make it your cigar.